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Family Business and Entrepreneurial Couples
Coaching, Consulting, and Training 

The Discovery Group Consultants specialize and have personal experience in family business. 

They assist entrepreneurial couples and family businesses to optimize the unique strengths and advantages

of the family business while minimizing the liabilities, in order to maintain the health of family and the profitability of business.


We provide coaching, consulting, and training

in the following areas:

Working Together: Family-Business Roles and Relationships

  • Clarifying and Distinguishing Family and Business Roles

  • Managing Dual Roles in Work and Family Relationships

  • Defining and Keeping Appropriate Boundaries

  • Thriving in the “Dual Partnership:” Couples in Business Together

  • Individual Leadership Development and Coaching

Effectively Communicating and Resolving Conflict for Healthy Families and Profitable Businesses

  • Untangling Business Communication from Family Communication

  • Facilitation/Planning for Successful Family Business Meetings, Family Councils, and Family Business Retreats

  • Sharpening Communication and Conflict-Resolution Skills

Constructing and Clarifying Structures, Policies, and Plans

  • Developing Fair Family Business Policies and Structures

  • Creating Clear Criteria for Entering and Exiting the Family Business

  • Defining The Role of In-laws in Family Businesses

  • Preparing for Contingencies such as Divorce in the Family Business

  • Business Planning and Strategic Planning for the Family Business

  • Forming Appropriate Boards and Working Well With Them

Leaving a Legacy: Successfully Passing on the Family Business

  • Planning for Seamless Family Business Succession

  • Exploring Options About Whether to Prepare the Business for Outright Sale, Sale to Successors, Pass it on to Successors, or Form E.S.O.P., etc.

  • Preparing and Mentoring Upcoming Leadership; Designing Development Plans

  • Balancing Fairness and Equality in Family Business Succession

  • Assisting Siblings to Work Together as Teams

  • Defining the Roles of In-Laws and Key Employees in Succession 

  • Mediating Inter-generational Differences and Disagreements

  • Changing Roles at Succession:  The Founder’s Challenging Task

  • Assisting Heirs to Manage Wealth Successfully

  • Preparation for Estate Planning

  • What Legacy Do You Want Your Family Business to Create?

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What's Your Family Business I.Q.?

Family Business Resolutions and Solutions

With over 80 hours of specialized training in family business, The Discovery Group Consultants help family businesses and entrepreneurial couples resolve the conflicts that can result from mixing the “business of the business” with the “business of the family.” Whether the need is to sharpen communication and conflict-resolution skills in general, work through inter-generational differences and disagreements, or resolve conflict by developing and clarifying fair family/business policies and structures, we help family businesses resolve their differences while preserving both the business and the family relationships.

Not only do we work together as a male-female co-consulting team, the two of us have also formed an alliance with a local business attorney/mediator and an MBA business consultant.   Together the four of us provide a wide range of business services through our alliance named Resolutions and Solutions.  For more information, visit our sister website at

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