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Business Partnerships: Formation, Consulting, and Succession

A business partnership may be a simple business structure, but running one successfully can often be complicated.
Having worked together for over 24 years in a business partnership, The Discovery Group partners are a natural fit
to help other partners in business work together more effectively.
The most common concerns of partnerships are how to agree on goals and strategy and resolve their differences while preserving both the business and their personal relationship, which was the original impetus for working together.  The time, energy, and money spent on fine-tuning a business partnership return benefits many times over the cost, but sadly, many partnerships decline or delay consultation until their business has suffered loss of personnel, market share, capital, or reputation.

We provide coaching and consulting in the following areas:

  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile ™ and The Conflict Dynamics Profile ™ Assessments

  • The Risks and Rewards of Partnerships

  • What to Consider Before Proposing “Let’s Go Into Business Together”

  • Getting “On The Same Page” – Vision, Mission, and Values Development

  • Creating a Partnership Agreement That Addresses Relational Issues as well as Legal Issues – The Partnership Charter™ Process

  • Developing Appropriate Governance Structures and Boards

  • Developing Clear Agreements Regarding Money, Control, and Fairness

  • Effective Business Communication and Regular Business Partnership Meetings

  • Understanding and Leveraging Personality Differences

  • Conflict De-escalation, Mediation, and Resolution

  • Planning for Unanticipated Events Such as Partner Divorce, Disability, or Death

  • Business Succession Planning and Implementation

What's Your Partnership I.Q.?

Business Partnership - Resolutions and Solutions

We teach workplace conflict resolution skills, and we help business owners and partners work through the log-jams that might threaten their business success.  We provide them with tools to work more effectively with each other, their boards, their employees, and their customers. The goal is greater conflict competence.

Not only do we work together as a male-female co-consulting team, the two of us have also formed an alliance with a local business attorney/mediator and an MBA business consultant. Together the four of us provide a wide range of business services through our alliance named Resolutions and Solutions.  For more information, visit our sister website at

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