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Building a Firm Foundation: The Partnership Charter™ Process

A business partnership — whether family or non-family — can enable you to fulfill your dreams, or it can become an excruciating nightmare. The difference is often determined by a few key business and interpersonal factors. How well do the partners understand each other? How well do they treat each other? How well have they clarified their business arrangement? How well do their dreams meld into a common, powerful vision?

The Partnership Charter™ is a unique, structured process for partners or prospective partners to address these crucial topics. This process helps partners assess and talk about seldom-discussed and sensitive interpersonal issues, including the key partnership issues of Trust and Fairness, Personalities, Values, and Vision.  Working with your other advisors, The Discovery Group Team will also facilitate clarity about the business aspects of your“deal,” including money, ownership, governance, and control.


The product of the process is a Charter document that commits to paper the partners’ conclusions in 13 different areas. If you are considering a partnership, expanding one, or trying to save one from serious problems, a Partnership Charter can make all the difference.

When should you start a Partnership Charter™? 

partnership charter book.jpg

As soon as you are serious about forming a business partnership or when your partnership is in transition. 

Our work with you will be client-focused and confidential, emphasize teamwork, and bring much-needed clarity.

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